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Coming Soon Anodizing Service

I have been anodizing for just over a year now. I have been slowly working out the kinks and perfecting my process and set up. I have over 20 colors and I can mix or order additional colors.

Currently I am working through the last few promised anodizing projects that I took on over a year ago. Once they are done I will anodize a personal marker and then open the doors as a service. 

Anodizing Service: Services

Finish Options

Polished / Gloss

This is done before the anodizing process. Typically wet sand up to 2000 grit and then a 3 step polish using black and red polishing compound and then followed up with a hand polish using Mothers or Blue magic Aluminum polish.


Finish Options


Same steps as the polished but after the polishing is done, the parts are lightly media blasted which gives a dust or dull look after the anodizing process is done.


Style Options

Single/Solid Color

The most basic and cost effective anodizing style. Single color of your choice in either Dust or Gloss finish.


Style Options


One of my favorite styles is the splash. Typically done with 2 or more colors.


Style Options


The brushed effect. Typically done with 2 or more colors.


Style Options

Acid Wash

The acid wash effect. Typically done with 2 or more colors.


Style Options

Multi Color Fade

The fade effect. Typically done with 2 or more colors.


Style Options

Color Faded Splash

The faded splash effect. Typically done with 3 or more colors. The fade is in the splash with a solid color background.


Style Options

Gloss Splash with a Dust Background

Typically done in a solid color.


Color Options


I have over 20 different colors and I can custom mix or order anything I don't have. Just ask!

*** White is technically not a color in the anodizing world, dust clear is technically as white as I can do. ***

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