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Freak Boring Info and FAQ

There are 2 different sets of Freak inserts, The standard 5" and XL 8".

Standard 5"

- The standard 5" inserts which have been around for many years and come in anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

- There are a few early sets of standard inserts that were cut shorter than the normal inserts (show in the pic).

Standard 5"

Due to the 2 standard sizes of inserts, I bore for the shorter insert to ensure all inserts will fit properly. This will, more than likely, create a tiny gap between the body of the marker and the barrel shoulder. THIS IS NORMAL and due to the insert being squeezed between the barrel and body of the marker.

XL 8"

-XL 8"  inserts have only been available for a few years now and also come in anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

-As far as I am aware of and unlike the standard set where there are 2 different lengths. The XL only comes in one length and for this I don't have to let the insert hang out the back of the barrel as much.

XL 8"

Both single piece and 2 piece barrels can be bored. There are a few barrels such as the PE 2 piece barrels that technically will get bored as a one piece barrel as the back is longer than 8". There is a price difference between 1 piece and 2 piece XL barrel boring due to having to bore the tip also.

Stainless Steel Boring

- Currently I am only offering standard boring on stainless steel barrels.

- The one exception is the Dye UL stainless 2 piece threaded barrels. I can XL bore them. 

- I typically wont XL bore 2 piece glued barrels. The epoxy can heat up and let loose which could be REAL BAD!

O-ring grooves

I get asked all the time if I cut/groove for o-rings when I freak bore. The answer is NO! 90% of the barrels do NOT have enough meat/metal left on the barrel to add in an o-ring. The o-ring is basically there to hold the insert into the barrel when it's not installed on the marker.

Just be mindful when removing your barrel and everything will be fine.

Standard 5" Prices

Standard 5" Freak Boring:

  • Aluminum barrels (both 1 and 2 piece) - $30.00

  • Aluminum 2 piece WGP  Orracle style barrel. (have to bore the back AND tip) - $35.00

  • Stainless Steel 1 and 2 piece barrels - $40.00

  • Titanium Dye backs - Not accepting at this time. 

XL 8" Prices

XL 8" Freak Boring:

  • Aluminum 1 piece barrels  - $45.00

  • Aluminum 2 piece barrels - $55.00 (have to bore the back AND tip)

  • Stainless Steel 2 piece barrels with threaded aluminum tip - $65.00

  • I am not offering XL on Titanium or 1 piece stainless barrels. 

  • Extension from standard freak to XL - $35.00

Turnaround Times

Once I receive the barrel(s), it should take about 1-3 weeks to complete and send back. Typical turnaround times can vary. If you need a rush on something, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to put a rush on it if possible. Otherwise, I stick FIFO and work on stuff in order as I receive them.

Dirty Barrels


Please clean your barrels and other parts that are to be sent in for work done. It takes time to stop working, clean, and dry each barrel/part. This may only take a few minutes but when I have to clean 5 or 10 barrels, it really adds up. 

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